52 Songs

Welcome to the 52 Songs page! I started this project with the intention of recording and releasing one song per week in 2021. I made it as far as the middle of May (17 songs in 17 weeks), but life sort of got in the way… So the new plan is to keep releasing more music as I am able, and eventually reach the goal of 52 SONGS. All completed songs can be downloaded/streamed at https://michaelwegner.bandcamp.com/ More info below. Thanks & hope you enjoy!

Most of my musical career has revolved around playing songs written by others – which has been a great pleasure and honor. I’m fortunate to have worked with with some amazing songwriters, and to play alongside stellar musicians in various bands. But I’ve also been writing my own songs since I was a teenager. My original music has always taken a back seat to my other musical projects, as I have stayed busy performing with numerous bands and solo artists over the years. But with COVID-19 canceling most of my gigs in 2020, I decided to more fully embrace the role of songwriter, and try to actually record some of these ditties.

Many of the tunes are recently composed; others have been sitting around for years. Sometimes a song needs to age like a fine wine before it’s ready to be heard :-). The songs will be snappy, sad, silly… poppy…. moody…quirky… hopefully there will be a little something for everyone :-).

And to the extent I am able, I will try to put together a video for each song. We’ll see how that goes… 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the ride!

And just for good measure, here’s the video for Song #1 – “Legacy”

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