The Beatles. Nick Drake. The Replacements. Scott Joplin. Joni Mitchell. Vic Chesnutt. Madonna. Andrew Lloyd Webber. Rush. Jerry Garcia. Weird Al Yankovic.

What do all these musical entities have in common? They are just a few of Michael Wegner’s primary influences. He believes there’s too much great music in the world to be limited by any particular style preferences. Ever since learning piano at age five, Michael has immersed himself in numerous genres of music, and has rarely let a day go by without picking up an instrument and expressing himself in song.

Rocking the keys since 1979!

For the past four decades, Michael has performed with bands and accompanying solo artists, playing music written by amazing songwriters both famous and obscure. This musical journey has led him to share stages across the USA with Indigo Girls, Juliana Hatfield, River Phoenix, Lemonheads, Michael Stipe, Caroline Aiken, Danielle Howle and many others.

The music from these collaborations has been folky, punky, jazzy, funky, poppy, ambient, funny, theatrical, kid-centric… but always spirited and in-the-moment. Michael’s ability to lend musical support to great songs has seen him perform at venues all over the USA, including Red Rocks in Colorado, Atlanta’s Fox Theatre and the Oregon Country Fair. Each time Michael walks onto a stage, he strives to make a personal connection with the audience.

Cosmic Charlie in Raleigh NC 2019. Photo by Rich Levine.



In 2023 Michael finally released his debut solo album Hive Mined. These ten songs are snappy and sentimental, whimsical and introspective, covering numerous subjects: love and heartbreak, mortality and loss, hope and affirmation, biscuits and gravy…

Equally varied is the instrumentation on Hive Mined, which features Michael on guitar, mandolin, clarinet, piano, banjo, harmonica and organ. With a swarm of ideas and sounds buzzing around in his “hive”, Michael enlisted the help of producer extraordinaire John Keane (R.E.M., Indigo Girls, Cowboy Junkies, 10,000 Maniacs), who did an expert job mixing and mastering.

“The whole album is deeply focused and emotionally deep in a familiar, somewhat comforting way.”

-Flagpole Magazine

You can listen to hive mined on all streaming platforms. Here it is on Spotify: