Song #6 – Right Kind Of Love

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, I figured it was time for a song about love. Not a “love song” per se; but rather, a song about LOOKING for love.

I was a bachelor for many years. Not for lack of interest in finding true love – I certainly put in the time and effort. But I had little patience for dating someone if the comfort level was not high. As much as I was drawn to romance and companionship, I would always chose loneliness if things didn’t feel quite right.

And so I sailed through a series of relationships that rarely lasted more than a few months. These were by no means “bad” relationships – there was always love and affection and good intentions. And plenty of good times. But in each instance, I would notice some aspect that didn’t quite click. Perhaps there were areas of misunderstanding… personal values or priorities that seemed incompatible… or maybe the chemistry was just a bit off. The warning signs tended to be subtle; the kind that some might find easy to ignore. People get married all the time without realizing major weak spots in their relationship. But I apparently had a highly sensitive radar for potential irreconcilable differences… When the red flags began to appear, I generally moved on.

Eventually I began to gain a reputation as a nice guy who simply wasn’t the marrying type. And I began to wonder: Was I too picky? Too perfectionist? Too set in my ways? Was I unwilling to do the hard work that a committed relationship required? Would I ever find a partner I felt truly comfortable with?

I questioned my habits and ways, but I never doubted my convictions. I was determined not to settle for something that felt “almost” right. By my reckoning, every time I put a questionable relationship behind me, I was freeing myself up for the “right kind of love”. If and when that winning ticket came my way, I sure didn’t want to miss the boat just because I was busy sailing on some other boat (that I knew would eventually sink).

And was my strategy effective? Let’s just say I’m pleased with how things have turned out :-). May we all find the right kind of love!

Happy Valentine’s Week 🙂

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I can wait for the right kind of love
No I'm not in a hurry to be hitched
Days of peace and quiet
Wrap it up please, I'll buy it
I can live without the static
I can run on automatic

And I can do without the wrong kind of love
The kind that leaves you wanting something else
Courtship is a party where we like to drink a lot
Then we wake up six months later 
With a lover who is not who they seemed

   I'll travel on now...
   So good to be a part of your dream
   And you were mine
   For a time

I'm still waiting for the right kind of love
And I hope that I will know it when I see it
I can be a lonely painter for another lonely day
Enjoy the menagerie of colors along the way

And when I stumble on the right kind of love
I'll make sure that I fall completely

It'll be better than religion
Fact. No more fiction. 
It will shroud me in its glory
And complete my happy story

It will melt my soul like better
Make my eyelids start to flutter
No more searching for the wrong one
I'll be ready for the long run

I've got dynamite inside me
And there's an unlit fuse beside me
Just a little spark for new love
Could explode into a true love

But I'll wait another year 
For my darling to appear
Spend my holidays with friends
Take some time to make amends
Clean my house, make my bed
Make some room inside my head
My silly old head

Yes I can wait for the right kind of love

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