Sitcom Theme

A delicious chocolate frosting requires a cake. A camper top is of no use without a pickup truck. And dog food has little value if you don’t own a dog, right?

Yet somehow, thanks to my my unnecessarily eclectic songwriting skills, I am now in possession of a classic TV theme song – even though it tragically lacks an actual sitcom to go with it.

Given that this song remains unclaimed by any actual TV show, what gives me the right to even label it a “sitcom theme”? On the surface, it’s just a sunny little 70s-style pop melody. But when I listen to it, I can’t help but imagine the opening scenes and credits for a classic sitcom. It just seems like the song was born to be a TV theme. Perhaps I’m about 50 years too late, but it seems like this tune would have fit in quite snugly alongside Happy Days, Mary Tyler Moore, Laverne And Shirley, Cheers etc…

So as you listen, be sure to use your imagination: What characters and scenes do you see?

Oh, and in case anyone out there happens to know any big time TV producers working on a new blockbuster show, please send ‘em my way! :-).

Big thanks to Andrew Hanmer on drums and Shelley Lotus on vocals!

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