Song #10 – “Seriously”

Here we are – song #10. Some of these “52 Songs” are quite old, but this one is hot off the presses.

I came up with the music at a neighbor’s campfire on Saturday, wrote the lyrics on Monday, started recording on Tuesday, added drums on Friday, and finished recording Saturday, releasing the song exactly one week after it was “born”.

It is a love song. Not about falling in love, yearning for love, or losing love… but rather, mature , deeply committed love. The kind that comes from being together with someone for many years, and learning how to grow together, argue together and learn new things about each – other even when you think you already know each other inside and out.

The is the kind of love where you know you KNOW you want to be together, even when things get difficult, long after the “honeymoon stage” has passed. And learn the importance of not taking each other for granted.

“Seriously” is the song title, but it is not without a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor. Stylistically, I feel the need to acknowledge the influence of amazing songwriter Greg Brown, who was a wizard at taking seriously sentimental songs and give them a tongue-in-cheek twist. In a way, this song is a tribute to Greg Brown. If you like the sound and style of it, go check out some of Greg’s many great albums!

Thanks again to Andrew Hanmer for “stirring the soup” on the drums!

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Love me, but disagree
Show me when I cannot see
Shake me but don't break me
And let's always take each other seriously

I know you, but I don't 
I could paint you into a corner
But I won't 
Let's make each day a new adventure
And let's always take each other seriously

You confuse and confound me all the time
You contradict my reason with your rhyme
You would drive me crazy
If I didn't love you seriously

You comfort and console me all the time
You melt away my troubles with your shine
The best choice I ever made
Was to love you seriously

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