Song # 2 – “Biscuits And Gravy”

With all the intense, heavy stuff going on in the world currently, I thought it might be nice to share a “feel-good“ song. A pleasant distraction. And so I offer up:

“Biscuits And Gravy“

Sounds tasty, right? Sometimes a song lyric comes out of nowhere. When I wrote the music for this, the chorus had a very clear melody – haunting and sentimental. But when I tried to come up with lyrics, the one refrain that kept coming up was “BISCUITS AND GRAVY“. I knew it was a bit ridiculous. but I couldn’t fight it. So I chose to “embrace my inner biscuit” and just run with it.

If you are a Beatles fan, you may know that the song Yesterday was originally titled “Scrambled Eggs”. What started out as a whimsical song about a breakfast food was revamped to address the *slightly* more profound themes of lost love and innocence. Yesterday then became one of the most popular songs of all time, So by sticking with “Biscuits And Gravy”, I may be dooming this song’s chances for international success.

But I did manage to stretch the breakfast metaphor to include the *slightly* more profound themes of true love and companionship :-). I also dusted off the banjo & clarinet for this one. Enjoy!

Oh, and thanks to Shelley Lotus for adding harmony vocals!

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