Song #4 – “Microscopes And Antidotes”

Sometimes a song just wants to be a little silly. This is definitely a “love song”, but it’s one that gets solidly goofy. I think the goofiness was needed to fully capture the joy.

45 years ago Paul McCartney sang “you’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.” I hope the “people” are ready for another one…

Thanks to Andrew Hanmer for the groovy drums, Kane Stanley for the sparkly percussion, and Shelley Lotus & Vicki McMaken for the shiny backup vocals!


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If I was dying, I would want you by my side
I'd want the world to know that I was satisfied
Don't listen to the weatherman
He don't know about never-ever land
My fortune hovers over me quietly
Like Canada above

If you were tiny I would wear you on my sleeve
And all the cynics they would line up to believe
Microscopes and antidotes
The truth is just another hoax
But you are a reminder that
Magic can be found most anywhere

   You are my shine
   Your words they are my lifeline

If I was wicked, I would tie you to a tree
And I would tickle you just to hear you scream
I wanna feel your every move
I wanna be the tongue inside your groove

   My love for you is science
   You are a body of evidence
   My theory is proven time and again

If you were waiting, I would wait with you all night
I would follow you from darkness into light
Kick the can across the floor
Fall down and come back up for more
I don't care where I'm going 
As long as I am getting there with you

   You are my shine
   Your words they are my lifeline