Song #9 – “Lexington”

Sometimes you just need to go for a drive. Sometimes you wind up in Lexington.

This song was born of heartbreak. Not just the deep sadness of love lost, but the bewilderment you experience when a break-up appears seemingly out of nowhere. Things were going great… good communication… positive affirmation… fun times, and then… POOF! it’s over. No explanation. “It just doesn’t feel right anymore…”.

So on top of the dejection and loneliness, you also experience the frustration of being given no explanation for the sudden change of heart. No resolution, no closure. You try to stay positive and find the light at the end of the tunnel, but you’re just stuck in a rut.

So you get in the car and start driving. You get beyond the city limits, the road opens up and you wind up the next town over (Lexington, perhaps :-)). It’s good to get out of town – explore some new scenery, expand your horizons, get a sense of forward motion… and you let your brain and heart do what they have to. Your thoughts begin to slip away.

For me, this song is just a snapshot of that moment in time. A moment that I think many of us have experienced.

It doesn’t really have much to do with Lexington. But I guess that’s OK.

I’d like to acknowledge my old songwriting partner and Coat Of Arms bandmate Paul “Pip” Everett, from whom I borrowed a lyric for this song. Many years ago, Pip took a song of mine and added a few additional lyrics, including the words “Baby’s dreams/neon screams”. The words always resonated with me, and somehow they found their way into the second verse of this song. Thanks Pip!

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Had a thought
Slipped away
Slipped away

Why can't I 
Give you romance? 
Had a chance
Slipped away

Suffer now
Drive around
Better now
When you get there

Baby's dreams
Neon screams
Had a chance
Slipped away

I know the shore
I know the shore ain't so far away
I know there's more
Behind the door
The door that let you slip away

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